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Block chain business

We are engaged in business in the FinTech (Finetech) domain including virtual currency related business such as bit coin utilizing block chain technology and ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which is a means of financing using virtual currency. It is a new business area that is expected to create various startups in the future, but we will make innovation taking advantage of vcatvietnam's technology and experience cultivated over many years. 

System development

In vcatvietnam, we propose a web site with strong impact and originality with full use of technologies such as Flash. In addition, it is possible to propose a solution that aims to streamline operations and promote sales, such as various system development and customer management system development. As well as building a system from scratch, we are currently responding flexibly to improve the dissatisfaction points of your system and to add functions. For any request, please do not hesitate to contact us first. 

distribution system service

It is a Web site system that can provide information to users via the Web or via email. Users can access the site and view and purchase information. Also, we can expect to provide timely information to many users. Functions such as various settlements and advertisement aggregation functions are indispensable for operation.

Mechanism of encryption currency

Mechanism of encryption currency
Mechanism of encryption currency

The mechanism of cryptographic currency is made up of a technique called encryption technology (block chain). The block chain is a distributed computer network, which enables credible transactions without placing the traditional central sovereignty. A distributed system is a technology to create a network that can not be broken (by not putting data in one place) by placing data on personal computers dotted around the world. If you do not break all the personal computers that hold the data, you can restore the block chain while duplicating it. Also, if you include undisclosed items, there are over 1000 currencies, and you exchange with yen, USD, etc on specialized exchanges. To obtain the encryption currency, you need the electronic wallet "Wallet".


For those who need funds, those who want to invest,
both sides have low thresholds, and safety and reliability are high.

This is a new funding.

It is the birth of a new platform.


customer's voice

Mr. A

manager  / Area Japan Co., Ltd.

By adopting original proprietary original trade view system at our company, our proprietary cryptographic currency system has dramatically expanded. 

Mr. B

The president  / Dea Collect Maketty Co., Ltd.

Oginal's crypto currency exchange system introduced OTV greatly contributed to our exchange system. 

System development to the next level